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Heroics During Fiery Accident Don’t Go Unnoticed by Red Cross

The Annual Hometown Heroes Dinner is being held by the American Red Cross this week. According to the Red Cross the ‘Hometown Heroes’ event came from their “desire to develop an event that is closely related to the mission of the American Red Cross – responding in times of emergency.” The dinner hopes to honor the “longstanding tradition of heroism by recognizing local individuals who have made a difference through their individual acts of courage.”

And this year they’ll be honoring a man who embodied true courage and selflessness when he saved the life of another. “Somebody was crying for help. I couldn’t just walk away from somebody asking for help.” The Retired Sergeant, makes it sound like what he did was a run of the mill response, what anyone would do if they were in his shoes – but the truth is he’s a true Hometown Hero.

Man comes to the rescue during truck fire in Colorado Springs.

This time last year, he was driving down Bandley Road when he saw a tractor trailer swerve across the median of I-25 and head right toward him. The semi smashed through a guardrail and was quickly engulfed in flames. “I slowed down and at that point I noticed that the passenger side of the truck was already starting to start on fire and I heard the driver yelling for help,” he said. The soldier didn’t miss a beat. He jumped out of his car and ran towards the flaming truck. He risked his own safety, his own life, to pull the trapped truck driver out of the fiery wreck, without a doubt saving the man’s life.

The soldier credits his military training for his quick actions and still humbly believes he did “something anyone would have done, if they were in my situation.”

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Injury accidents can be truly harrowing experiences, and fortunately there are brave people like the retired Sergeant who are willing to make sure a bad situation doesn’t turn worse.

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