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Snowplows Clear Our Roads but Can Be a Hazard Themselves

As snow continues to fall across parts of Colorado, the roads are going to continue to pose a hazard to motorists. But it’s not just the icy conditions and snow drifts that can cause you problems while driving, the vehicles that are attempting to make the roads safer can actually be a danger as well.

Monday morning a man was traveling through Boulder County when he lost control of his SUV and skidded across the northbound lanes of Highway 93. He ended up colliding head-on with Colorado Department of Transportation snowplow. He was left with serious injuries, but fortunately they weren’t believed to be life-threatening.

A collision with a snowplow might seem like a freak accident, but run-ins happen far too often and have led to even worse situations, including the loss of the life. Just at the end of last year, a young Ohio woman was involved in situation incredibly similar to the one in Boulder County. She was traveling south when she lost control of her car and skidded across the northbound lanes. It was there that she struck a snowplow, but sadly, in her case, she was killed in the accident.

An accident involving a snowplow in Colorado Springs left a man injured.

It’s incredibly important to give snowplows the space they need as they attempt to make our roads safer for travel. It’s also important to recognize when the roads are slick and to slow down accordingly. In the case of the Colorado snowplow accident, the driver was actually cited for careless driving for driving too fast for conditions. As we learned, the crash could have cost him much more than a citation.

Colorado Springs Auto Accident Lawyers

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