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Botched Surgeries: An Inherent Risk or Medical Malpractice?

A young woman made a difficult and brave decision. She would undergo surgery in order to donate one of her kidneys to her ailing brother. The Colorado surgeon who would be performing the procedure convinced her to allow the use of a robotic-arm during the surgery, a piece of equipment he assured was standard practice.

During the surgery the robotic-arm, controlled by the surgeon, tore her aorta. The young woman was quickly at risk of bleeding to death. The surgeon abandoned the operation. Her life would be saved, but her brother wouldn’t be getting the kidney he desperately needed. Shortly after the surgery the woman began having serious respiratory problems, and an x-ray would reveal that a sponge had been left inside her body.

A surgeon faces charges of malpractice after several botched surgeries in Colorado.The young woman would join several others affected by the doctor’s negligence in filing malpractice lawsuits against him. Now the Colorado medical board has stepped in and accused him of fourteen counts of ‘unprofessional conduct.’

It’s not the first time the doctor has been accused of malpractice. He’d already had his robotic-surgery privilege suspended for three months in 2010 after eleven complications during surgeries. He’d been using the robot since 2008 for kidney removal despite the machine not being appropriate for that particular surgery.

The list of complications following the misuse of the equipment included, torn blood vessels, overly lengthy surgeries, and instruments being left inside patients. It’s even believed the doctor may have falsified medical reports so that his mistakes wouldn’t be documented. State investigators believe he should be held accountable for botched surgeries but haven’t stated a specific punishment they’d like him to face.

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