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It’s Usually the Little Guy That Gets Hurt in Big Truck Accidents

In the past we’ve discussed how big truck accidents that involve smaller passenger cars usually don’t end well for the people in the car. The massive size difference between the two vehicles simply means the likelihood of serious injuries or even wrongful death is just that much greater. So, if getting involved in an accident with a big truck while in a car is bad enough, what could be worse? How about getting into an accident with a big truck while on a motorcycle?

A teenage motorcycle rider was injured by a big truck in Colorado Springs.

Monday night a teenage rider was taking off out of a Colorado Springs strip mall on his motorcycle when he was blindsided by a truck. The teen had the right-of-way but the truck driver still turned in front of him and caused the motorcycle to smash into the vehicle. The young rider was thrown from his bike and hit the truck’s windshield before falling onto the street.

He was left was life-threatening injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital where we hope he recovers quickly. The truck driver walked away unscathed but will be facing charges of “careless driving resulting in injury and vehicles turning left.” It goes to show the devastating effects that can occur when a truck driver takes for granted the giant machine they’re operating and their negligence causes a wreck.

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