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When Does Negligence Become Malicious?

Sometimes a person is so reckless and uses so little judgment, that simply calling them ‘negligent’ would be an understatement. Often negligence denotes a sense of carelessness, maybe absent-mindedness, but sometimes a person displays such a lack of concern and compassion that their actions could be considered malicious.

It would be hard to argue that a driver’s actions didn’t border on maliciousness after a deadly Colorado hit-and-run last month. But justice may be coming to all those involved. At the end of March a woman backed her car into another vehicle in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. It would spark a string of events that would eventually lead to a man’s death.

A security guard at the restaurant saw the fender bender and was attempting to report it, but the offending driver wasn’t going to wait to face the consequences. She sped out of the parking lot and raced through a red light. She smashed into another car in the intersection and left the other driver with fatal injuries. But again she wasn’t going to stick around to face the penalties. She fled on foot, leaving behind her two passengers.

She was later arrested when she was in another car that was involved in a traffic violation. She’s now being charged with ‘vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, criminal impersonation and third-degree assault.’ Her passengers aren’t getting off easy either. They’re also being charged for being accessories after they lied to police about the events.

Colorado Springs Wrongful Death Lawyers

When you’ve lost someone you love in an accident, especially when the driver seemed to be unapologetically reckless, you want justice. The courts may prosecute the driver and they may have to pay large fines and spend time in jail, but you and your family may be left to struggle financially.

The Colorado Springs wrongful death attorneys at Heuser & Heuser will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. We know how troubling the aftermath of fatal accidents can be for the surviving family, and we want to help.

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