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Winter Conditions are Still Hanging Around in Colorado

Not that anyone of us should be surprised and even though thoughts of spring are in the air, Mother Nature reminded us again this week that winter is still lingering by hurling frigid weather our way. The icy road conditions were so treacherous in the Monument area north of Colorado Springs that at least 6 different car accidents occurred including several roll-overs and an accident involving a big rig and a passenger car.

With conditions like we’ve been seeing, we are so thankful that there were no serious injuries reported with these six Monument car accidents. We’ll call that lucky! We should all remember that it seems like the beginning of winter and the end of winter appear to be the times when some of us forget that road conditions don’t care where we are in the season and that an icy road is an icy road.

Several accidents occurred due to icy condition around the Springs.

To you and your family, if you were to become seriously injured in a car accident, it would not matter if the crash occurred in November, January, or April. The devastation that we have seen, over the many years we have been practicing injury law, has been life-changing for so many families. We have seen families lose loved ones, families have to cope with serious injuries, and families lose their ability to work and provide for themselves.

Sometimes these losses occur as a result of road-conditions and sometimes they occur due to someone else’s negligence. Either way, the losses are real and measurable. When one experiences such a loss, it can be common to ‘freeze up’ and feel ‘at a loss’ as to what to do next. Many stresses often follow a serious car accident and affected individuals report, again and again, that they felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed in rebuilding their lives.

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If you or a loved one is injured in a car or truck accident in Colorado Springs, Monument, Pueblo, or anywhere on the Front Range, we urge you to contact a qualified, compassionate, and experienced personal injury law firm. They will know what steps to take and how to support you in this terrible time.

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