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A ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict Doesn’t Mean Justice Can’t Be Served

Few crimes are as senseless as drunk driving accidents that take the life of an innocent person. The sheer reckless abandon it takes to get behind the wheel after drinking too much is hard to wrap your mind around, which is why these accidents are such a horrible burden to the surviving family of the victim. When you’re loved one is killed by negligence, you’ll want swift justice, and that’s exactly what a Fort Collins family is hoping for after losing their matriarch in a truly terrible accident last September.

An 80-year-old woman found herself vulnerable on the roadway when her car ran out of gas. It’s believed that she was crossing the street to use a phone at a local business when the worst happened. She was struck by an approaching SUV and was knocked into the path of more traffic. She was ultimately struck by two more cars before she tragically lost her life.

The driver of the SUV is facing serious charges of drunken vehicular homicide because he was found to be intoxicated at the time of the accident. According to a police report, “There were no skid marks located at the scene, and [the suspect] was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision.” Despite the evidence stacked against him, the man pleaded not guilty, which will send the case to a jury trial in August.

Will the man’s ‘not guilty’ plea clear him of any wrongdoing? Cases like this are never simple. The criminal system is fair and just, but families who have had a loved one killed by negligence don’t have to settle for a court’s decision to let someone that killed their loved one off scot-free. Surviving families of wrongful death victims have the right to file civil lawsuits, and civil claims are completely removed from criminal charges. So just because a person is acquitted in criminal court doesn’t mean you can’t successfully win a wrongful death lawsuit.

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