Deadly Colorado Springs car accident

Can an Intersection Be the Cause of Injury Accidents?

A lot of factors go into a Colorado Springs auto accident. Often it’s driver error, a simple lack of judgment or someone driving while distracted or impaired. But sometimes it’s factors aside from the people driving that leads to an accident. This could be outside forces like severe weather that makes it difficult to see or makes the roads dangerously slick. But on a day to day basis can the roads themselves be dangerous? Can they be the cause of serious accidents? Some Colorado Springs residents definitely think so.

Residents near the intersection of Garrett and Meridian Road believe that where those two roads cross is especially dangerous, and something needs to be done. It’s definitely worth looking into as two people lost their lives at that intersection just last week. According to reports, a tow truck ran through the stop sign at the intersection and slammed into a truck, taking the lives of the married couple inside.

A lot of the blame is being placed on the fact that people often speed toward that intersection and run the stop sign located there. It’s been suggested that making the intersection a four-way stop might curb some of the accidents, but that’s just speculative at the moment. For now the county is planning on doing a comprehensive study to decide a plan of action.

Dangerous intersection or not, that doesn’t excuse drivers from recklessly running the stop signs and taking innocent lives. An intersection without the proper traffic signs and signals might make a dangerous situation worse, but ultimately the responsibility falls on those behind the wheel. There are steps that can be taken and hopefully the county’s study will find a remedy that will save lives, but until then, driving safely, alertly, and with the best interest of those around you in mind is the surest way of fixing the ugly reputation of this stretch of road.

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