Can a Business Be Held Responsible for Your Injuries?

Whenever you enter a business it’s reasonable to believe that you’ll be kept safe from harm. Business owners have the responsibility to do everything they can to reduce the possibility of injuries to their customers, but unfortunately they sometimes fail. That’s the basis for premises liability law – it makes the owner of the land or premises where the injury occurred responsible for those injuries. After an incident last week, a Colorado Springs woman might just have a premises liability claim on her hands after she was injured at a local tanning salon.

The woman had gone to the tanning salon in hopes of evening out her tan lines after a dramatic weight loss, but she wasn’t in the tanning bed long before she felt the glass beneath her begin to break. Frightened, she scrambled to get out of the bed before the glass broke completely. In her attempt to make a quick dash out of the bed she injured her rotator cuff and neck.

To add a bit of insult to injury, when the woman went to employees to tell them that the tanning bed had broken, she was told that it was her weight that had caused the problem. She was told by employees that stress cracks caused by heat in the bed’s plexiglass were the reason that larger customers shouldn’t be using the lay-down tanning beds at all.

The tanning salon is claiming that the Springs woman was told that she should be using a stand-up bed, but they allowed the woman access to the lay-down bed because she said that she was only going to be tanning her legs.

More than anything the woman wants others to be aware of the serious risks of tanning beds, and she’d like an apology for being told that the frightening situation was caused by her weight. She would also like a refund on her three-month membership as well as compensation to help cover some of the medical bills from the resulting neck injuries.


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