Wrongful Death in Colorado Springs

Update on High Profile Death During Filming of TV Series

This time last year, we discussed a tragic accident that occurred near Colorado Springs that garnered national attention.  Last summer, while filming a reality TV series at a local gun range, a woman lost her life in what was considered a ‘freak accident.’

The TV series was highlighting the owners of an El Paso County gun range and their massive collection of antique military equipment and vehicles.  But while filming the show’s closing sequence, which included thick clouds of smoke, a malfunctioning smoke bomb exploded and struck the woman.  In an instant the woman, who co-owned the range, lost her life.

The last time we discussed the events, it wasn’t known whether or not anyone would be held responsible.  In fact, the company running the show hadn’t even been named yet.  But now it seems as though the woman’s surviving family is seeking the justice and the closure they deserve.  They’ve filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Discovery Channel.  The surviving husband and daughter are claiming that the network “didn’t show proper care in firing off pyrotechnics intended to be used to create smoke.”

The family has kept the range open in their loved one’s honor, not allowing such a horrific tragedy to keep them from continuing to do what they love.  But will their Colorado wrongful death lawsuit bring them a sense of justice?


Wrongful Death Lawyers in Colorado Springs

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