Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident in Colorado Springs

Hit-and-Run Accidents Rob Families of the Closure They Deserve

No accident is as selfish as a hit-and-run.  After a serious accident, especially one that takes a life, the victim’s family deserves answers.  They deserve the chance to put a face and a name on the person that took away someone they love.  A deadly hit-and-run doesn’t just rob them of a loved one, it robs them of closure.

That’s what a Colorado Springs family was certainly dealing with after losing a loved one in a fatal hit-and-run in June.  But finally, the man responsible may have stepped forward.  Was it a guilty conscious that made him turn himself in or because his arrest was getting closer each day?

He turned himself in to Colorado Springs police Thursday allegedly claiming responsibility for the horrible accident.  It’s believed that on June 19th he was traveling along East Platte when he struck a woman and kept driving.  “It sounded like two cars colliding,” A witness said. “I was surprised the car didn’t stop, slow down or anything. They just kept driving on through.”

But it wasn’t a clean getaway.   A piece of his vehicle was left at the scene and a number stamped on the part let police know exactly what car they were looking for.  When he turned himself in, police would find the vehicle in the man’s garage with damage to the front bumper, headlight, hood, and windshield that was consistent with the accident.

He was taken into custody on “suspicion of leaving the scene of an accident involving death.”  The charges he’ll face will likely be very severe, but there’s no criminal punishment that can take away the heartbreak the surviving family must be experiencing.


Wrongful Death Lawyers in Colorado Springs

The wrongful death attorneys at Heuser & Heuser want to help you and your family when you’ve suffered a similar loss.  We know how trying and upsetting this time can be and know that dealing with the complex legal issues can be overwhelming as well.

So, if you’ve lost someone you love due to the negligence of another person or persons, contact us and tell us your story.  We’ll tell you how we can help.

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