Colorado Springs Police stop prank

When Does a Prank Go From Harmless Fun to Dangerously Negligent?

Pranks between friends certainly aren’t uncommon and most of the time this little bit of mischievousness is perfectly harmless.  However, when these pranks are aimed at the unsuspecting public it can quickly go from some innocent fun to a very dangerous situation.  When a prank causes an accident that injures someone one else it’s no longer a joke, it’s negligence.

Early Thursday morning, Colorado Springs police noticed something at the intersection of Circle Drive and Van Buren Street that definitely didn’t belong there.  A person or persons had stretched plastic wrap around two street poles and across the street.  The pranksters probably thought it would be a harmless gag that would give a little shock to the person unlucky enough to drive through it.  Thankfully, no one did because the police quickly cut it down before it could do any damage.  But what if they hadn’t?  What if instead of car driving through it was a person on a motorcycle?  Someone could have been seriously injured.

And it’s not even the first time this prank has been pulled off.  In December of 2010, plastic was stretched across the intersection of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Brainard Drive in Briargate.  Only this time police didn’t cut it down in time.  A person ran their car into it and smashed their windshield.   All things considered the outcome could have been much worse.  Like a Sergeant with the Colorado Springs Police Department said at the time, “What seems like harmless fun at one point and just a little fun and games can have deadly or serious consequences.”

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