Accident in Colorado Springs

A Colorado Bus Accident Ends in Tragedy

An incredible wreck in Jefferson County has left friends, families, and even investigators with a lot of questions.  An early morning accident involving several cars and a casino tour bus has left multiple people injured and has taken one life, but all the details surrounding the tragic event are still unknown.

It all occurred in Clear Creek Canyon Tunnel 1 on Highway 6 Sunday morning.  Apparently an SUV was driving east along Highway 6 when they entered the tunnel.   Soon after entering, the SUV drifted into the opposite lane and directly into the path of the approaching tour bus.  The bus driver could not react fast enough to avoid an accident and the two vehicles collided head-on.

The collision caused the SUV to be forced back into the eastbound lanes where it was struck by yet another vehicle.  The initial impact was even enough to damage the bus’ steering, sending it careening into the concrete wall.

When the dust had settled, the devastation was clear.  The tour bus was carrying nearly forty people at the time of the accident and many of them had to be taken to local hospitals to be treated for their injuries.  The occupants of the second vehicle that was hit inside the tunnel also suffered injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital.  Even more tragically, the driver of the SUV lost their life in the accident.  Ultimately, Highway 6 had to be closed from Highway 119 to Highway 58 while investigators tried to determine the cause of the horrible wreck.

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