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CDOT is Taking New Steps to Protect Drivers During Flooding

The recent flooding in our state is leaving an unbelievable amount of destruction in its wake.   In fact, just last week we were discussing the horrific and heartbreaking effects a flash flood had on Manitou Springs.  These floods often come without warning, but local officials are trying to be as prepared as possible.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is now implementing new actions that they believe will keep drivers safe as they travel through Ute Pass when flooding is a possibility.  For the time being, CDOT crews will patrol Highway 24 between Cascade and Manitou Springs every hour of the day, every day of the week until October 1st.

Nearly 25,000 cars travel this stretch of Highway 24 each day, so additional message signs will also be placed along the highway that will serve as warnings to drivers of flash floods or if there are road closures.

If conditions get bad enough that the National Weather Service issues a Flash Flood Watch/Warning then Highway 24 will be closed completely.  This will also apply if over a quarter inch of rain is found in gauges in the area.  The highway will remain closed until CDOT determines that there is no longer a threat.  CDOT isn’t taking any chances after the recent tragedies.

According to a Regional CDOT Transportation Director, “We learned last Friday just how quickly a Flood Watch can turn into a raging flash flood, so we’re instituting these new procedures because we cannot compromise public safety in the interest of keeping the highway open.”

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