Nursing home neglect in Colorado Springs

Nursing Home Attorneys: Vigilance and Justice for Your Loved Ones

In recent news, a jury found a patient in a Colorado nursing home to have died from negligence. The unfortunate individual left the nursing home with a necrotic abscess from a bed sore and died as a result of the wound in hospice care.

An expert in the case disclosed that the patient had suffered from sixteen facility-acquired infections in their time at the nursing home facility and endured 34 other separate injuries. National safety panels consider such Stage 4 bedsores to be unheard of in health facilities. These types of facility mess-ups are in a class of their own alongside incorrect limb amputation and accidental electrocution. Yet upon the state’s review of the case, the facility was not penalized; no citation was given, no penalty, no consequence at all were passed down to the nursing home in question in retribution for the death of the patient.

The only response from the Colorado Department of Public Safety stated that there was “a lack of information from record review and interviews that showed the facility failed to act appropriately in response to the wound.” The nursing home in question responded to allegations of neglect stating that the patient died as a result of Parkinson’s disease. They also said they believed the patient was “recovering” from his necrotic bedsore while undergoing treatment for his Parkinson’s disease.


This story of the horrific treatment of the neglected elderly is not a new one; nor is it a solitary case. Unfortunately, elderly individuals are not taken care of as their loved ones wish. The elderly are abused and neglected by those they depend upon the most for care. Many need an advocate they can trust. Colorado Springs nursing home neglect attorneys are available to help. The lawyers of Heuser & Heuser, LLP are experienced in nursing home neglect cases. If you suspect your love one may be experiencing neglect, please contact us for more information.