Do Police 'speed traps' prevent accidents?

Do ‘Speed Traps’ Help Prevent Auto Accidents?

There’s no denying the fact that speeding causes accidents in Colorado Springs and throughout Southern Colorado.  When a person chooses to break the law by speeding, they are accepting the responsibility of any accident that results from their negligence.  But what can be done?  What can keep speeders from causing accidents in our area?

Take away the speeders and you take away the threat.  That’s the hope of local law enforcement, and they take it very seriously.  In fact, the National Motorists Association has placed Colorado Springs among the top cities with the most ‘speed traps’ in the country.

They based their findings on public reports which were compiled in a massive database over the course of 13 years.  The database included nearly 80,000 speed traps that were reportedly encountered by motorists and shared on the National Motorists Association’s website.  The website has even gone as far as to link the locations of areas were law enforcement usually sets up speed enforcement zones in Colorado Springs and across the country.

It’s all part of keeping the public safe says a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department, “I can tell you that traffic safety is a priority for the department and is the primary mission of our Motor Unit… Our officers are encouraged to write moving traffic violations, to include speeding infractions, in an effort to reduce preventable injuries and non-injury traffic accidents while curbing dangerous driving habits.”

What are your thoughts of these ‘speed traps’?  Are they making a difference?


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