Tour bus accidents can cause serious injuries

Colorado Springs Accident Lawyers Inform Victims of their Rights after Travel Bus Accidents

During the busy travel season there are an increased number of tour buses on the road.  Most people have no problems when traveling on a tour bus.  Unfortunately, there are times when accidents happen.  After experiencing an accident involving a tour bus, it’s important for people to know their rights.

In the state of Colorado a tour bus is designated as a “common carrier.  This means the company is in the business of regularly transporting people.  Accidents that involve a tour bus can be very upsetting and cause serious injuries.  After an accident, a person driving a car hit by a tour bus or anyone riding in the bus, should contact a lawyer.  It’s important for everyone to know what legal remedies they can pursue.

There are usually a number of tour buses in operation at any given time in Colorado.  These vehicles are used to transport people to ski resorts, other tourist locations, the airport and more.  Most tour buses are owned and operated by private companies.  They are the ones responsible for any accident caused by the tour bus.

There are many reasons for tour bus accidents.  It may result from a tour bus driver speeding, following too closely, being distracted while driving, not obeying traffic signals, being reckless and more.

After an accident occurs, it’s important to follow certain steps.  Don’t leave the damaged vehicle unless necessary for safety reasons.  Call 911 if possible.  Help others who are injured if able.  As soon as possible after the accident, write down everything you can remember about the accident.

It’s also important to meet with Colorado Springs accident lawyers as soon as possible.  There is a time limit for filing a claim against a tour bus company in Colorado.  This is called a statute of limitations and applies to accidents involving any tour bus owned and operated by a private company.

If you or someone close to you has experienced an accident involving a tour bus, it’s important to contact Colorado Springs accident lawyers.  We have all the knowledge and experience necessary to answer your questions and help you decide your next step.