Colorado workers' compensation laws

Compensation Attorneys Help Injured Workers Know Their Rights

Nobody wants to get injured on the job.  When it does happen a worker may be entitled to receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages and more.  It’s important for every worker to know their rights under Colorado workers’ compensation law.

In the state of Colorado, unless a company is specifically exempted, they are required to provide each of their employees with worker’s compensation coverage.  The cost for this coverage must be paid by the employer and not the worker.

Under workers’ compensation, if an employee is injured during their work they can be provided benefits for the cost of a hospital stay, doctor visits, lost wages, retraining and more.  The amount of benefits paid from workers’ compensation is based on the seriousness of an employee’s injury and the length of time they are unable to be on the job because of it.

Under Colorado law a person can qualify for temporary or permanent disability.  If a person misses more than three days of work because of an injury, they could qualify for temporary total disability.  This means they may be able to receive two-thirds of the average weekly wage they received when the accident happened.  With temporary partial disability, an injured worker has returned to work for less than their full pay.  They can be paid two-thirds of the difference between what they currently receive and the pay they received at the time of the accident.


Permanent partial disability is benefits for a worker who has experienced the permanent loss or function of a body part or system.  Permanent total disability is when a worker can’t return to work or perform any other type of work.  Workers with injuries this severe may receive benefits for the rest of their life.

According to the law, a worker has the right to choose their doctor, miss work necessary to recover from an injury, appeal if their workers’ compensation claim is denied and more.

If a worker feels their rights under workers’ compensation law have been ignored, they should contact Colorado Springs workers’ compensation attorneys.  We know what an employee is entitled to under the law.  Contact us today.