Memorial concert to be held for accident victim

Community Remembers Beloved Teacher Killed in Accident

Just last week we discussed an incredibly tragic pedestrian accident that resulted in someone losing their life.  It’s never just the victim that’s affected by an accident.  Friends, families, entire communities can have their world turned upside-down, and this deadly pedestrian accident was no exception.

The incident happened Friday before last, when a woman collided with a deer on Highway 115 in El Paso County.  She got out of her car and crossed the road to check on the animal.  She spoke with another motorist, but when she attempted to cross the road again she was struck by an approaching vehicle.

The woman was a beloved instructor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs where she was a senior instructor teaching Spanish.  Now, many of the students whose lives she touched will honor her by dedicating a concert to her memory.  The concert which observes Hispanic Heritage Month will showcase several local and national acts, all free and open to the public.

Do You Need a Colorado Springs Accident Attorney?

People involved in serious accidents are not just faceless victims.  They are your friends, your neighbors, your family members.  Sometimes it’s even you yourself.  We can never lose track that there are real people with real lives behind these tragedies.

Insurance companies don’t take into account the ‘human factor’ of an accident.  They only see the bottom line.  At Heuser & Heuser, it’s the people that matter.  That’s why we take a personal interest in every case we take on.

We know how difficult the aftermath of an accident can be, and that’s why we work hard so you don’t have to.  Because what’s important is that you recover.  What’s important is that you get the time with your loved ones that you need.

So when you or a loved one are hurt in a Colorado Springs accident, contact Heuser & Heuser and let us tell you how we can help.

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