Denied Social Security Benefits?

Colorado Springs Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyers

If you’re disabled enough not to be able to earn a living, you can obtain Social Security benefits to help you survive. Don’t assume it’s easy to obtain the money, however. Because claims for disability are at their highest levels in recent years, your initial application will most likely be rejected. You then have to go through lengthy appeals to obtain satisfaction.


An interview with Ronald A. Marks, a retired judge who served on the Social Security Disability Appeals Council, reveals some ways to swing an approval your way. Age plays a factor. Those under 50 are usually required to find a job within their remaining abilities. Those over 50 are not and are granted benefits.

Ask your doctor to describe your pain thoroughly in your medical files before you apply. Explain that you need such descriptions to help you apply for disability. Government examiners will examine your medical file to determine the extent of your problem.

During the interview to establish your disability, provide the same answers to questions each time. You’ll likely be asked the same thing, such as how far you can move with the pain, in many different ways. Your responses must be the consistent for your condition to be legitimate. Your answers must also match the information stored in government databases. For example, don’t say that you can’t drive to your appointments any more if you just registered a new car.

If you are still unable to get the benefits you deserve, contact us, your Colorado Springs Social Security disability benefits lawyers