Colorado Springs pedestrian accidents can be deadly

Pedestrian Accidents Often Have Unfortunate Outcomes

The roads have been and will continue to be a very dangerous place for pedestrians.  Unfortunately, it’s very easy for a motorist to be distracted for a split second, more than enough time to not see a person walking in front of them.   And so often when a pedestrian is involved in an auto accident, they’re seriously injured or worse, lose their life.

Just last Sunday morning in Pueblo, a pedestrian was hit while trying to cross the street.  According to reports, the middle-aged woman was attempting to cross Troy Avenue when she was struck by a car.  To make matters worse, the negligent driver fled the scene, leaving her seriously injured in the middle of the street.

The hit-and-run driver’s conscious may have gotten to him because later in the day, he turned himself in.  Now, he’s facing charges of “vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury, and driving under the influence.”  The condition of the woman is unknown, but fortunately she survived.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for another pedestrian accident that occurred in El Paso County on Friday night.  While driving, an elderly woman struck a deer eleven miles north of Penrose.  She then got out of her car to check the damage to both her vehicle and the animal.  One accident turned into another as she tried to cross the street and was struck by an approaching vehicle.  The woman lost her life at the scene.

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