Colorado Springs Accident Lawyers react to increase in speed limit

Auto Accident Lawyers: Watch New U.S. 24 Speed Limit Closely

A recent study by the Colorado Department of Transportation found that most motorists along U.S. Highway between South 8th Street and 31st Street in Colorado Springs don’t go anywhere near the speed limit.

As reported by the Colorado Springs Gazette, the study found that 85 out of 100 vehicles surveyed were traveling between 55 mph and 60 mph as they breezed through the area, which has had a speed limit of 45 mph since the 1960s.

In late September the speed limit was raised to 55 mph. Some people applauded it for being a much-needed modernization, while others publicly fretted that a higher speed limit might lead to more accidents. El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark said she thought a 55 mph speed limit was too fast, given that the area is prone to flooding and that U.S. 24 has not been widened to accommodate the faster traffic.

As Colorado Springs auto accident lawyers, this situation interests us because we know firsthand that excessive speed is a major cause of traffic accidents. To put it simply, when people are driving too fast, they have less time to react to something and cause greater damage if and when they hit a person or another car.

There is no guarantee this new speed limit will lead to more car crashes, of course, but to us it seems like a realistic possibility.


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