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Injury Attorneys Can Handle Your Case Whether It’s Simple or Complicated

A personal injury can be simple, like a back strain due to a fender-bender; or it can be complicated, like an on-the-job brain injury caused by a subcontractor’s employee. Physical and emotional injuries often occur under unusual or complicated circumstances. When you have a case that’s worthy of legal pursuit, you might not even realize it.

That’s why it’s so important to consult with Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. While you devote your time and energy to recovering from your injuries, they can sort through the liability issues, protect your interests, and work to achieve the outcome you deserve –no matter how simple or complicated the case.

Some personal injury cases are complicated

A recent wrongful death case filed in Denver District Court illustrates just how unusual and complex personal injury cases can be. A Colorado Springs mother alleges that her 19 year son died after smoking synthetic marijuana, a product which mimics the effects of the popular illegal drug. The young man had apparently purchased the “drug” several times from the same local convenience store. He died in his home after using the drug one last time.

This could be handled as a product liability case, as the victim’s mother alleges that the product’s bright graphics gave the impression that it was harmless. Also the label did not reveal the manufacturer, the illegal or harmful substances the product contained, or the potential danger.

The case could be one of negligence and possible criminal acts, as the convenience store sold products that were potentially banned by the Drug Enforcement Administration. It could involve an intentional tort, due to the known dangers associated with certain synthetic drugs. By filing suit, the victim’s mother also hopes to prevent stores from selling synthetic drugs, so as to prevent harm to others.

But your case might be simple

The above case involves a tragic death, synthetic substances, faulty product labeling, and other elements. To pursue it successfully in the courts, the plaintiff’s attorneys must present a theory of liability that they can prove–negligence, intentional tort, strict liability, or perhaps something far more creative.

Even if your personal injuries are not serious enough to cause death, they are certainly serious to you. Even if your liability issues involve simple circumstances, such as a fall on someone’s property or an auto accident, presenting a winnable case will require the same diligence and professionalism as one that’s far more complicated.

Simple or complicated?

Whether your personal injury case is simple or complicated, you’ll want someone on your side who will push to get results. The kind of help that Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys can provide.

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