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Recent Accidents Make Officials Rethink Speed Limits on I-25

Interstate 25 has been the site of two very serious accidents over the last two weeks.  These recent wrecks coupled with a history of accidents along that stretch of the interstate between Colorado Springs and Pueblo are making local officials rethink the safety of that corridor.

Last Tuesday a tractor trailer flipped onto its side on I-25 leaving the driver injured and damaging half a dozen other vehicles.  Traffic was crawling for the entire day as crews worked to clean up the mess.   Earlier in the month an even worse accident occurred not too far from the semi-truck rollover.  It was another rollover accident only this time it involved an SUV.  Three passengers lost their lives in the wreck and the driver suffered serious injuries.

That section of highway has two sharp curves and despite flashing lights and warnings, many accidents still occur there.   The debate has been raised over whether or not the speed limit there is too high.  A Colorado Department of Transportation traffic engineer believes that lowering the speeds would have an adverse effect, however.  “You don’t have a lot of discrepancy with different speeds.  If we lowered the limit, we’d probably end up with more accidents.”

Instead he believes that straightening those curves would make all the difference.  And it’s a project that will likely be set into motion next year.  Only time will tell if the measures they are taking are the ones that will save lives.

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