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The Investigation Has Ended. Will Justice Follow?

Investigations into wrongful death accidents can take quite a bit of time.  No one wants to jump to conclusions.  Investigators want to be certain that they have all the facts and all the evidence, but families are often left to wait and wonder during this time.  Will the person that caused their family to suffer be brought to justice?  Hopefully a Colorado Springs family will get the justice they deserve now that the investigation into a tragic accident has wrapped up.

The accident occurred in El Paso County in July.  According to reports, a mother and her two young children were driving in a minivan along Judge Orr when they were smashed into by a woman driving an SUV.  Despite being properly restrained, the mother and one of her children lost their lives in the horrible accident.  The amount of sadness an incident like this brings to friends and family, to an entire community, is immeasurable.

What makes it worse is how senseless the accident was.  The woman that struck the minivan was believed to be intoxicated at the time and driving recklessly.  But these are only allegations until a proper investigation and trial takes place, but this week, however, we got closer.

A judge concluded that after a thorough investigation enough evidence exists to try the woman.  It was found by investigators that the woman was driving well over 70mph when the accident occurred.  She is facing many charges, the most serious being DUI and vehicular homicide, and could end up serving four to twelve years in prison.

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