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CDOT Continues Its Probe Into Rising Accidents on I-25

What causes accidents?  What makes one location more dangerous than another?  Well, the Colorado Department of Transportation is determined to find out why traffic accidents have spiked on Interstate 25 this year.

From the beginning of the year through June there were eighteen accidents in the northbound lanes of I-25 near Cimarron.  During the same period of time last year, that number was only ten.  Interestingly, along that same stretch of interstate, the number of accidents in the southbound lanes has actually decreased.  So what it is?  What makes that particular area so dangerous?

Measures have already been taken.  In March, lane dividers were repainted and flashing lights were installed to serve as warnings, but these measures seem to be ineffective.  Many believe that speed is the factor that is leading to the wrecks, and we’ve even explored that notion in previous stories.

Evidence often exists that backs up the fact that certain areas are more prone to accidents than others.  Blind spots, sharp curves, and poorly maintained roads can all factor into auto wrecks, but the human factor cannot be ignored.

Drivers have a responsibility to drive with care and caution, and when they don’t they’re being negligent.  That negligence can easily cause an accident that hurts you or your family.  While those drivers may try to blame road conditions, Heuser & Heuser will hold them responsible for their actions.

We’ve heard all the excuses and we’ve dealt with insurance companies that will do whatever it takes to pay you as little as possible.  Our accident attorneys believe in fairness.  We believe in helping those that have suffered because of the negligence of others.  We believe that the maximum settlement is worth fighting for.

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