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Colorado Springs Woman, 37, Dies In Car Crash

A 37-year-old Colorado Springs woman was killed in a car accident earlier this month.

The woman was the wife of a prominent Air Force athletics coach and the mother of two young children.

According to the Colorado State Patrol and The Denver Post, the woman and her husband were traveling on Colorado Highway 9 on Oct. 8 when the vehicle went off the side of the road and rolled.

The woman was ejected from the vehicle. All four family members were in the vehicle at the time and all were airlifted to St. Anthony’s Central Hospital in Lakewood. The woman was pronounced dead; her 43-year-old husband and two children were treated for their injuries.

Now, car accidents often involve two vehicles, but the fact that only one was involved here does not mean that the deceased woman’s family has no legal options to seek whatever recompense our society has deemed fit for her untimely death. If the family has trouble with their insurance company, or if the rollover was due to some defect of the vehicle, the assistance of an attorney might be helpful.


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