hit-and-run in Colorado Springs

Hit-and-Run Accidents are a Heartless Crime

Imagine that you’re out riding your bike one evening.  Maybe you’re riding for exercise or maybe you’re headed somewhere, using a bicycle as a cheaper alternative to a car.  Regardless, you’re on your bike with your mind on your destination.

Then, it happens.  Without warning you’re struck by a car.  In an instant you’re on the ground.  You’re seriously injured, you need help, but the person that hit you is nowhere to be found.  They’ve fled the scene.  It’s a nightmare scenario, and it’s one that a Colorado State student suffered through over the weekend.

According to witnesses, the young student from Colorado Springs was riding through Fort Collins when his bike was clipped by a passing vehicle.  He was violently thrown to the ground, and there was no doubt he was injured.  In fact, the woman that struck him even got out of her car to check but quickly jumped back in and took off when others came to help.

The student was rushed by ambulance to the Medical Center of the Rockies where he is being treated for serious injuries.  Colorado police are still searching for the woman, hoping to bring swift justice against the hit-and-run driver.


Do You Need an Injury Lawyer in Colorado Springs?

We hope police are able to track down the negligent driver.  The student who was injured deserves to know who did it, and she should be held responsible for her crimes.  When someone is injured by the negligence of another they can find themselves in not only physical pain but financial distress as well.  But why should they pay?

The injury attorneys at Heuser & Heuser fight on the side of accident victims to get the compensation they deserve. That money could cover medical expenses, money you lost from missing work, even pain and suffering.  Our goal is take over the hassles of your case so you can concentrate on what’s really important… your recovery.

So, have you been injured in a Colorado Springs accident?  Contact Heuser & Heuser right away!

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