Icy Roads

After an Accident on an Icy Road, Call on Colorado Springs Accident Lawyers

A recent collision between a car and a Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) truck highlights a common winter hazard: icy roads.  The crash came about when the driver of the car slid into an intersection on an icy road, leading to a collision with the CSFD truck.

Fortunately, in this case there were no fatalities, though the car’s driver did need to be hospitalized following the crash.  However, icy roads often do lead to serious vehicular accidents.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 1300 people die and approximately 117,000 are injured every year in vehicular accidents involving ice, snow or slush.  In addition, people face extensive property damage.  Accidents on icy roads take on many forms, from single vehicles sliding off the road to crashes that involve several vehicles, as one slides into another out-of-control.

Who’s responsible for an accident on an icy road?

There’s no doubt that ice contributes greatly to danger on the road; however, this doesn’t mean that people never bear responsibility for a crash.  There are various precautions that safety-conscious drivers can take to minimize the chances of a crash, such as driving more slowly, putting extra space between themselves and the vehicles in front of them, and giving themselves enough room to brake at an intersection; they also inspect their car for safety issues, such as insufficient traction in their tires.


Irresponsible driving, on the other hand, can compound on the dangers of an icy road; if drivers are speeding, or if they aren’t using headlights and in that way overlook a patch of ice, they’re needlessly endangering themselves and other people.

Given that Colorado gets its fair share of ice and snow, if you’re involved in an accident involving ice on the road, consult with Colorado Springs accident lawyers about how to proceed in the aftermath.  You’ll be able to discuss your case in detail and find advocates who will work with you to fight for the compensation you deserve from insurance companies and from anyone who might be responsible for the crash.