One Accident Can Quickly Lead to Another

When an accident takes place, there is an immediate sense of confusion.  Those involved are often left rattled, maybe even scared and looking for help.  If there were injuries in the accident, that help may be desperately needed.  You might not think to immediately call the police or emergency crews; you may be relying on the assistance of passersby.

The scene of an accident is never a safe place, and as wrongful death lawyers in Colorado Springs we know that one wreck can quickly be followed by another.  Still, the chaotic aftermath of a serious accident would never excuse what took place on Highway 115 last weekend.

Early in the morning, three people were involved in a rollover accident near Colorado Springs.  They survived the rollover and remained on the highway in hopes of flagging down a vehicle to help them.  That’s when the worst happened.  One of them was struck by an approaching vehicle and lost their life.  In an act of pure heartlessness, the driver of the vehicle sped away from the scene.  Authorities are still looking for the hit-and-run driver.

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Local Colorado Springs law enforcement, and no doubt the victim’s family, are wanting swift justice.  That’s why hit-and-runs are some of the most tragic accidents — because they rob families of closure.  Hopefully, when those responsible are found they will be held accountable.

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