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Southern Colorado Man Defies Odds to Survive Fatal Accident

A serious auto accident is one of the most frightening events we may ever have to experience.  But sometimes alongside these incredibly scary wrecks, we get stories of survival that are truly awe-inspiring.  As auto accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we’re no strangers to the heartbreaking effects of injury accidents, but we’re also often reminded of the strength of the people in our state.

In mid-October, a Canon City man was a passenger in his friend’s truck when his friend suffered a diabetic coma while driving.  He lost control of the vehicle and drove off the road where his truck slid down a 30 foot ravine.  The driver lost his life in the violent wreck, but the passenger survived.

The situation was extremely dire, though.  The cab of the truck was completely caved in, and the passenger was trapped inside.  To make matters worse, no one saw the truck leave the highway, so no one would immediately be coming to the man’s aid.

Once the two men didn’t return from their trip, a search began.  While authorities desperately looked for them, the Canon City man was left trapped in the freezing temperatures without food or water for six days.  He was finally discovered by a transportation worker.

The man survived the ordeal, but his road to recovery is going to be a long one.  He had to have both legs amputated after he was rescued, but he stands as proof of the unbreakable courage of accident survivors.


Have You Been Injured in a Colorado Springs Auto Accident?

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