Afternoon Accident Leaves Hundreds Without Power

The damage that surrounds an accident can affect more than just those involved.  When you’re talking about an accident that leaves someone hurt, the person injured isn’t the only one whose life is changed.  Their friends and family can also be affected as they’re left to care for the person they love.  Sometimes accidents are so severe that entire communities feel the effects.  The fact of the matter is there is no such thing as a simple accident.

Hundreds and hundreds of Colorado Springs residents were left in the dark over the weekend when a careless driver smashed into electrical equipment.  Colorado Springs Utilities reported that nearly 2,700 people experienced an outage for the majority of Saturday afternoon.  Customers in Northgate as well as those near Vindicator Drive were effected by the outage.

Fortunately in this situation, no one was hurt in the accident.  It does, however, illustrate how one accident can cause widespread damage.  Sometimes just simply restoring power can’t fix the aftermath of a serious accident, especially when a person or persons are injured.  We’re glad power has been restored and people can go back to their lives, but we know that sometimes it’s not that simple.

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