Colorado Springs winter driving tips

Colorado Springs Accident Lawyers Offer Tips for Driving in the Snow

Snowy weather can obscure vision, prevent tires from gripping the road, and give drivers less control over their vehicles. So it’s no surprise that the Colorado Highway Patrol pegs winter as the worst season for accidents. If you want to avoid becoming part of law enforcement statistics, follow these tips for driving in the snow.

  • Avoid stopping because it’s more difficult and takes more time to get going in the snow when your vehicle isn’t in motion. Instead, when you approach a red traffic light, slow down enough to give it time to turn green. You can then keep moving. Especially avoid stopping while climbing a hill or you may start sliding backwards.
  • Change speed slowly so your tires maintain traction on the road and allow enough time for your actions to take hold. If you try to move too quickly, your tires will just spin on the snow without gripping anything, forcing you to lose control.
  • When braking, apply the threshold technique. With the heel of your foot on the floor, use the ball of your foot to put steady pressure on the brake pedal. This method keeps maximum friction between your tire and the surface of the road. To allow for the extra time for maneuvers using this method, maintain a distance of eight to ten seconds between you and the next car.


To avoid any possibility of an accident, the best thing you can do when it’s snowing heavily is to stay at home. Even if you follow all these directions expertly, the drivers around you may be less skillful. If you do get hurt in a collision, please contact us. We want to be your Colorado Springs accident lawyers.