Man Tries To Flee After Crash On Powers And Constitution

A local resident was badly injured in a hit-and-run accident in Colorado Springs on Sunday, Dec. 1.

To make matters worse, the man who caused the car accident tried to evade responsibility and run away.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, a 30-year-old man caused an accident around 3 p.m. near where Powers Boulevard meets Constitution Avenue.

As emergency crews were taking the driver of the second car to a hospital, the man allegedly fled the scene. His vehicle was found a short time later, abandoned in Cimarron Hills. The man himself was apprehended not long afterward in a nearby field.

The Gazette reports that the man was issued “several” traffic citations. We have a feeling he may face legal consequences for trying to elude police and failing to stop for an accident, as well.

While those measures my address the criminal responsibility this man may bear for the accident, they will do nothing to help the injured party. If that individual is interested in being compensated for medical bills, time off work and pain and suffering, he or she will have to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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