New Year’s DUI Accident Nearly Burns Down Hotel

New Year’s Eve is definitely a time where people are a bit more uninhibited.  That means a lot of parties, and where there are parties there will likely be drinking.  That’s all well and good if the people are drinking responsibly, but when they decide to get behind the wheel of a car, that’s when there’s a serious problem.

There are more drunk drivers on the road New Year’s Eve than any other time of the year, and this year was no exception.  Law enforcement always steps up and tries to combat this fact, but there aren’t enough cops in the state to stop everyone.  It’s an understatement to say that drunk driving often ends badly, and to prove the point, an accident off East Woodman Road nearly burnt down a hotel… a surefire way to ruin a lot of people’s New Year celebration.

Apparently a driver, that authorities believe to have been under the influence, lost control on Woodman Road and slammed into a power box.  The power box, which was near the Embassy Suites, burst into flames and the fire quickly consumed the vehicle.  Those inside managed to escape and fled the scene on foot.  Fortunately, emergency crews responded quickly and were able to put out the flames before they spread to the hotel.

Do You Need a Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer?

Unfortunately these serious DUI accidents happen frequently around Colorado Springs, but that doesn’t mean those involved can’t be held responsible.  Heuser & Heuser want you to know that if you’ve been hurt by a negligent driver, you shouldn’t have to pay.

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