Colorado Springs car accident victim speaks out in hopes of saving lives

Accident Victim Speaks Out in Hopes of Helping Others

“The impact still haunts me.”  That was how a Colorado Springs man described the night he was struck by a car to Channel 11.  The man, who has long been bound to a wheelchair, was traveling along the street to pick up a prescription when the tragedy took place. A car slammed into the man’s wheelchair and threw him to the pavement.  The man was seriously injured and had to be rushed to a local hospital with a head injury, fractured spine, and internal bleeding.

The man is recovering, but beyond getting better, he also has other plans.  The man wants to educate drivers to be more aware of their surroundings and especially pedestrians.  He told Channel 11, “I was fortunate to live.  Maybe that’s my purpose now to get the word out.  If I can save one other person it will be all worth it.”

After the accident, police made a statement warning drivers that even if an intersection is unmarked, you still have to yield to pedestrians.  The car that struck the wheelchair-bound man was ultimately ticketed for careless driving.  The man’s message is an incredibly important one.  As motorists we have to take responsibility and care for the people that are walking along our streets and highways.

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