Super Bowl Sunday Increased Chance of DUI Accidents

The state had a big reason to celebrate last weekend.  Our Denver Broncos made it to the Super Bowl.  It’s a game that no one wanted to miss, and there are usually certain things that end up as part of everyone’s game day plans.  That meant gathering up some friends, eating some chicken wings, and maybe tipping back a few beers.  As long as you’re doing it responsibly, there’s no problem.  But if you didn’t, if you chose to drink and drive, the Colorado State Patrol was looking for you.

Hopefully, you made it through the weekend safely.  CDOT planned on people doing a fair amount of partying across the state, so they increased DUI enforcement over the weekend.  If you saw extra units on the road from Friday through Monday, that was why.  There was a big campaign to get those who were drinking to use designated drivers because the Super Bowl is a time of year where there are many more DUI arrests, and those are during years where the Broncos aren’t even in the Super Bowl!

We just want to remind you to be aware that there are times of the year where the chance of encountering a drunk driver is greater.  We never want to see a celebration ruined by a tragedy.  So be careful, but also remember that not everyone around you will be so cautious, so you have to look out for others as well.  Hopefully, we have the same reason to celebrate next year.

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