Who is Responsible for Major Structural Collapses?

Sometimes you simply have to be thankful that a situation wasn’t worse than it could have been.  We’re sure there are several people who aren’t happy to have had their cars destroyed in a recent freak occurrence, but we hope that they can take a step back and see how truly lucky they are.  As injury lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that not every accident has such a good ending, so we’re happy to discuss this event.

Last week the ceiling of a Denver parking garage collapsed.  The collapse brought several tons of cement and steel down on top of all the vehicles parked in the structure.  In total, there were 10 cars that were smashed beyond repair.  So what caused the collapse?  That’s what structural engineers are working to find out as they investigate the incident.  Apparently a support beam may have fallen, compromising the integrity of the structure.

Times like these raise critical questions.  It’s incredibly important to find who is at fault in an event like this.  Who was responsible for maintaining or inspecting the structure?  Answering this question could point to other neglected structures that could be on the verge of collapse.  Hopefully the engineers will trace the cause because this needs to be addressed before another accident occurs.  Next time it could have a much worse outcome.

Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys

We’re thankful that no one was hurt in the structure collapse, but we know that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes negligence causes major disasters, and sometimes those disasters hurt you or someone you love.  You could be faced with a mountain of medical bills and not know where to turn.  Heuser & Heuser is here to help.

Whether on a big or small scale, we want to make sure the people of Southern Colorado receive the compensation they deserve after an accident.  If you’ve been hurt by negligence let us put our Colorado Springs injury lawyers on your side.  It’s simple to get started.  Just contact us today and tell us about your accident.

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