Was it a Hit-And-Run, or a Car Accident?

Colorado Springs residents probably remember hearing about a violent road-rage incident on March 1.

According to authorities, a 30-year-old man was standing by his vehicle in the 5600 block of North Academy Boulevard when he was struck by a pickup truck. He was left in critical condition by the impact.

This was no accident, though. Authorities recently classified it as a hit-and-run and have issued an arrest warrant for the 25-year-old man they now think tried to run the 30-year-old man down.

Now, if authorities catch this man and if he is found guilty (please notice we said “if.” All people accused of a crime are innocent until they are proven guilty), that will be one element of this case. It might not be the only element, though.

If the 30-year-old man is looking to recover damages for his hospital stay, missed work and pain and suffering, they won’t come from any criminal case. Rather, he will have to file a tort case. These kinds of cases are meant to obtain justice on a personal level (rather than a state level) for people who have had harm done to them through no fault of their own.

As Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys, we regularly assist clients with cases like this. Car accidents and personal injury cases are specialties of ours. We have the formal legal training and the relevant experience needed to be effective advocates for those whom we represent.

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