“Medina Alerts” Are Ready to Help Find Hit-and-Run Drivers

“Medina Alerts” Are Ready to Help Find Hit-and-Run Drivers | Colorado Springs Accident Lawyers

In the past, we’ve often discussed how truly horrible hit-and-run accidents are.  It’s not just that they can leave a person injured or easily take a life, but they also keep those that were affected from getting the justice they deserve.  When you’re injured in an accident, you deserve to know who was responsible, and they should face the appropriate punishment.  Well, now it seems as if lawmakers in Colorado are pushing to make it more difficult for reckless drivers to flee the scene of a wreck.

A new bill is awaiting the governor’s signature.  This bill would send out an emergency alert on mobile devices when authorities are looking for vehicles involved in a hit-and-run accident.  It would work much in the same way that the current “Amber-Alert” system functions.

The notifications would be called “Medina Alerts,” named after a valet that was killed by a hit-and-run driver.  A nearby taxi who witnessed the accident was able to follow the car, write down its license plate number, and help police find the driver.  A system similar to “Medina Alerts” is already in place in Denver and has been met with quite a bit of praise, but if the governor signs the bill into law, then the system will be implemented statewide in 2015.

Reckless drivers who leave the scene of an accident should always be held responsible for their actions.  Maybe “Medina Alerts” will help give some families a sense of justice by making it easier to capture the driver that caused them harm.

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Even with the new alerts, reckless drivers are here to stay.  There is something you can do, though.  If a negligent driver caused an accident that injured you or a loved one, you can get help from Heuser & Heuser.

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