Dangerous driving leads to Fatal Colorado Springs accident

Negligence Can Find Us When We Least Expect It

The scary part about negligence is that you don’t find it — more often it finds you.  When a person is being truly reckless, their actions can affect you on the street, while you’re work, even when you’re in your own home.  A terrible accident in Pueblo last week was a grim reminder that accidents can take our lives when we least expect it.

Tuesday evening, a family was in the comfort of their home with no reason to expect that something bad was about to happen.  Unfortunately, there was a man driving toward their house, and he was about to lose control.  His car would careen off the road and smash through the wall of the home.  The people inside the house had no time to react and one of them tragically lost their life in the accident while another was left seriously injured.  The reckless driver clearly knew what he did, but he didn’t plan on facing the consequences.  He fled the scene on foot and is still being pursued by Colorado police.

As wrongful death lawyers in Colorado Springs, we’ve worked with many families that have been devastated by the unexpected loss of someone they love.  We know that what many of these families want is closure.  When the person that killed their loved one tries to evade, they are not only breaking more laws, they are robbing a family of the justice they deserve.  Hopefully, the man who caused the Pueblo family so much grief will be held accountable.

Do You Need a Colorado Springs Wrongful Death Attorney?

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