Repeat DUI Offenders Often Cause Repeat Accidents

When someone causes a serious accident, you want to believe them when they say that they’re sorry.  You want to believe that they’ll never do it again.  You want to believe that it’ll be the last time they drive distracted or recklessly or drunk.  You want to believe that the first time will be the last time.  But sometimes it’s hard.

When someone is an habitual offender, it’s nearly impossible to give them the benefit of the doubt, and this is especially true with those that drink and drive.   Sometimes the biggest question is –why were they allowed back on the road in the first place?  If a repeat offender in Aurora had been taken off the road, he might not have caused an accident that cut a teenager’s life short.

Last week, a man who is believed to have been intoxicated ran a red light and smashed into another vehicle.  The teenage driver of the car was killed on impact.  The drunken driver didn’t escape without injuries and is currently being monitored in a local hospital until he is well enough to be taken into custody.

We can only hope that these charges of vehicular homicide will be enough to keep this reckless driver off the street.  It can be hard to trust that the system will bring justice against him when you realize that he has already been convicted of several previous DUIs and has never even held a valid driver’s license.  Will this time be different?

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