What to do after a hit-and-run-accident

Road Rage Can Easily Lead to a Life-Threatening Accident

As car accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we talk a lot about negligence.   Negligence is simply carelessness or recklessness that leads to an accident and causes you or your family harm.  This is especially true in car accidents where a person is driving intoxicated or distracted.  They may not have meant to hurt you, but through negligence they did anyway.  But negligence isn’t the only thing that causes car accidents.  Sometimes it’s much more sinister.

Take for example a Springs accident that occurred last weekend south of Vickers.  That morning police arrived to the scene of an accident where a pedestrian had been seriously injured when he was struck by a truck.  The person who hurt him was nowhere to be found because he had fled the scene.  This wasn’t just a hit-and-run, however.  The injured man was hit on purpose – an act of road rage that almost took his life.

He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to live, and police are working hard to find the malicious driver responsible.  The whole story hasn’t come out.  There isn’t an explanation as to what sparked the vicious act.  But when they find the man responsible, his momentary explosion of anger is going to cost him a lot.  Authorities plan on charging him with attempted murder.  We hope that he’s found, and we hope that he faces justice.

Road rage is far too common on our streets.  The simplest things are enough to send some people into a frenzy.  It can’t be tolerated because as we’ve learned, it’s not always just a driver cursing and honking their horn, it can change someone’s life forever.

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The police will do their part in charging the reckless drivers who hurt you or your family.  The Colorado Springs car accident lawyers at Heuser & Heuser will do our part as well.  We’ll fight to get you the money you deserve for your injuries.  So if you’ve been hurt in Colorado Springs, file a car accident injury claim with us today.

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