Car slams into house near Whip Trail

Careless Driving Can Affect Us No Matter Where We Are

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Car slams into house near Whip Trail

It’s the last place you’d ever expect to be involved in an auto accident – inside your home.  Your home should be your safe haven, a place to escape the dangers and anxieties of the road.  Careless drivers and their disregard for their own safety and the safety of others can affect you nearly wherever you are.  All you’d have to do is ask a family off Whip Trail, and they’d be able to tell you first-hand.

The Colorado Springs home near North Carefree Circle was damaged when a car slammed into it around midnight last weekend.  While it might have seemed like an obvious factor in an accident like this, alcohol was not a cause.  The driver simply lost control of the vehicle.  Two passengers in the car suffered minor injuries, but fortunately no one in the house was hurt.  Ultimately the driver was cited for careless driving.

An accident like this isn’t exactly common, people in their homes aren’t usually at risk of being struck by cars, but as accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that the most devastating accidents come when you’re least prepared.  That doesn’t mean you should have to live in constant fear of being injured, though.  You have the right to feel safe wherever you are.  The problem is that others aren’t necessarily looking out for your safety.


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