Car Accident Attorneys on Two Recent Accidents Involving Buildings

Two recent news stories have Colorado Springs car accident attorneys thinking about accidents in which a car hits a building or structure and causes damage.  When most people envision a car accident they often think of two cars hitting each other.  Car accidents don’t always involve two vehicles though.   Cars also come in contact with buildings, signs, barrier walls, and parked vehicles.  These accidents still cause damage and even possible injuries.

Car Hits a Barrier Wall

On Saturday April 19th a section of Woodmen Road was closed down for about an hour due to a single-vehicle accident. The four-door Saturn car rolled over in the crash around 11pm after drifting to the right and then trying to steer back into the appropriate lane.  The driver lost control and the car rolled onto its roof and ended up against a barrier wall resulting in some damage to the wall.  Alcohol was not a factor in this accident but the driver was cited by police for careless driving.

Car Hits House

On Sunday April 20th a car crashed into a house on the 5000 block of Whip Trail.  The car was traveling east on North Carefree Circle just before midnight and struck the back of the home.  Fortunately no one in the house was injured.  The driver and passenger in the car were both taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.  Alcohol was not a factor in this accident.  The driver was sited for careless driving.

Luckily no one was seriously injured in these two car accidents.  Both cars have substantial damage and in addition repairs will be needed for the barrier wall and the home.  The homeowners should hire a lawyer to make sure they receive the funds necessary to cover the structure repairs.  Often a single car accident is caused by a driver under the influence but in both of these cases alcohol was not a factor.  More investigation may be required to find out the cause of each accident.

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