Police Investigate Unusual Accident Involving Personal and Property Damage

An unusual case in Brighton caught our attention this week. There are a lot of questions surrounding the cause of this accident. It uniquely demonstrates that a thorough investigation is always needed to identify the cause of an auto accident.

Three Cars, a Fence and a Shed

According to police, the driver of a red Ford Explorer rear-ended a silver Dodge pickup, causing it to rear-end a white Volkswagen. The Dodge and the Volkswagen stopped. However, the Explorer accelerated and drove off down the left side of the road. The car hit a light pole, privacy fence and shed before it became airborne and landed on the driver’s side. The driver of the Explorer was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two drivers and their passengers were uninjured.

Investigators Look for a Cause

The driver of the Explorer is a 64 year-old, well-respected accountant in Brighton. His behavior that day was very unusual and out-of-character. Police are investigating whether the driver had some type of medical condition or if the car malfunctioned in some way that caused him to involuntarily accelerate.

Lessons to Learn 

It takes a detailed and thorough investigation to find out the true cause of any accident, especially when the apparent culprit is deceased. If it appears to be a vehicle malfunction, even more investigation is required to identify the true cause. Is the automaker at fault or a repair shop that recently worked on the vehicle? Was it a defective part made by a third party? Even if the investigation reveals the driver had a medical condition, investigation is required to find out if any outside factors contributed. Was medication prescribed incorrectly? Was the driver misdiagnosed or not warned of the possible dangers of operating a vehicle? In either scenario, the family of the deceased, as well as those that lost property, deserve to know the truth and to be compensated accordingly.

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