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Accidents aren’t always simple. There are always some kind of circumstance unique to every situation. An experienced attorney knows how to look at an accident to see where the liability lies.

It’s also important that you deal with an accident attorney who will talk to you themselves. Someone who stays close to the action of your case. You don’t want to use a firm where you’re just a case number being churned through a big legal machine. A local Colorado Springs attorney knows the community and has contacts they can use to help assess your case. Contacts like investigators and other experts who can assess and quantify your particular situation to come up with a figure to present to the responsible insurance company in order to hash out a settlement.

Insurance companies want to settle quickly and for as little as possible and if you don’t put an experienced accident attorney between you and them – you will may get the settlement you deserve, and if you do take a settlement, all your recourse goes away when you sign on the dotted line. Insurance companies can be very manipulative and will try as hard as they can to keep you from retaining an attorney. They will present a number that they insist is more than fair. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. The truth is the insurance company did not practice any due diligence in seeking out what your case is really worth. They did not calculate your lost wages, medical costs now and in the future, recovery costs, the emotional and physical pain you acquired as a result of their client’s negligence. If they did assign a number to those factors – you can bet its far less than what you actually deserve.


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You were a victim in the accident, don’t be one for the settlement. Hire an attorney to fight for everything you have coming to you.

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