Seatbelt laws strengthened in Colorado

El Paso County Cracks Down on Unbuckled Drivers

El Paso County has the most unbuckled deaths in the entire state.  It’s not something officials are very happy with, and it seems like they plan on doing something about it.  In 2013 alone, El Paso County saw eleven people die in car crashes because they weren’t properly restrained.  One of the big misconceptions is that these accidents occur within bigger cities like Colorado Springs, but the fact of the matter is 59% of those unbuckled Colorado deaths occurred in rural areas.  Now those areas will be the targets of a new seal belt enforcement campaign.

CDOT, along with the Colorado State Patrol and local agencies, are rolling out a strict ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign.  It’s not just in El Paso County either — other counties like Baca, Fremont, Huerfano, Las Animas, Manzanola, and Trinidad are also getting involved.

The enforcement has already kicked off and will continue through part of April.  The main offenders of slack seatbelt use are males driving pickups in rural areas.  In nearly 70% of wrecks that ended in an unbuckled death, the driver was ejected or nearly ejected from the vehicle.  It doesn’t take an injury lawyer in Colorado Springs to see that that a seatbelt could have given these young men and others a better chance at survival.

Last year a similar ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign was rolled out that saw 1,538 violations being issued, the majority by adults over 21.  If you don’t have your seatbelt fastened you could find yourself having to pay a $65 ticket.  So buckle up!

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