Victims of the North Fork Fire Still Fighting for Compensation

Officials in the state of Colorado are currently deciding how much they should pay in damages to the victims of the 2012 North Fork fire.  The disastrous event that occurred in March 2012 took place when what was meant to be a controlled fire set by the State Forrest Service quickly got out of hand.  After all was said and done, twenty-two homes were destroyed and 4,500 acres of land were scorched.

There are payments put in place to cover some of the damages from the fire, but there’s a financial cap and laws limit the money awards to only be paid out for economic damages to property.  What it doesn’t take into account is the fact that lives were lost during the terrible tragedy, too.

One Colorado man who lost both his parents, along with an arbitration group, are fighting to get the award they believe he deserves.   They are recommending $870,000 in damages for the deaths as well as a loss of property.  His complaint is one of twenty-one claims filed by victims of the North Fork fire.

The Colorado State Claims Board has met to decide how much compensation it will ask the General Assembly to offer victims of the fire and are looking to get these recommendations to the GA while they are still in the budget-making process.

As injury lawyers in Colorado Springs, we know that when state legislation is involved these claims can be even more difficult.  Hopefully it will be resolved soon, and those that deserve it will get the compensation they need to recover after such a terrible accident.

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