Crashes involving state patrol cruisers are up this year

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The year is not yet halfway through and already some alarming crash statistics are coming out that could indicate a dangerous year for police. One of the most unexpected stats is the amount of crashes that have involved Colorado State Patrol cruisers.  As car accident attorneys in Colorado Springs, we know police are often placed in harm’s way while carrying out the duties of their job. A new report last week shows just how prevalent the danger is for our state’s law enforcement.

Nearly two dozen cruisers have been hit already this year – that’s a shocking 22 wrecks during the first five months of 2014.  To put that number into perspective, these crash numbers already top the number of similar crashes (19) that happened in all of 2013.  By February, nine cruisers had already been struck by reckless or impaired drivers.

State troopers have been rolling out campaigns asking drivers to be more mindful of troopers on our roads, especially those stopped on the shoulder. They’re using social media by posting pictures of destroyed police cruisers to the Colorado State Patrol’s official Twitter account as part of a nationwide movement to raise awareness of the potentially tragic cost of carelessness.

The smashed cruisers in the photos show these aren’t just fender benders, but result in serious injuries and sometimes death. A quarter of the 24 Colorado state troopers who have died in the line of duty were killed while working on the side of the highway. Most recently, a young trooper lost his life in 2007 when he was struck by a car while assisting at a truck accident on Interstate 76.

Our state police force has plenty to focus on while on duty without having to worry about reckless drivers.  Always take extra care to protect our officers and give them plenty of room to work because they are doing everything they can to protect us.

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